Missing and Found Person Registry

This is an organized online bulletin board to aid in locating someone after a disaster affecting the Bethesda area.

Anyone may use the search feature, without logging in. Get basic information about someone missing or found, including photos, as reported by family members, friends, or participating local hospitals. (Coming soon: search optimized for cell phones).

To do more, create a login account with your contact information. Then you can:

  • Report someone as missing, and include photographs of them
  • Update that report, e.g., if the person is found or their status changes
  • Share the ability to update a report with family members and friends

Report a PersonReport a Person
Search for a PersonSearch for a Person

Participating local hospitals can report basic information about arriving disaster victims.  (Suburban Hospital’s implementation is furthest along.)

The site does no automatic notification at this time, so check back periodically.  But hospital personnel may contact you.